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Indy Ref – 100 words – DEMOCRACY

Indy Ref: over the last weeks lots of people have said to me ” they want to vote yes but need to know why they should” so I’ve decided to give you one word a day from now until September 18th. Each with an explaination. 100 words 100 reasons to vote #yes #100reasonsforyes


I believe that the closer decisions are made to where they impact upon the most the better that decision is. It is fundamentally better for Scotland if all decisions for our country are made by the people that care most about Scotland. That is the people that live and work in Scotland.

This principle can perhaps be better understood if we think locally. Most of you will live in Inverclyde. We elect local councillors to form an administration. All of them live in Inverclyde. Therefore each and everyone of them make every decision with only 1 thing at heart, the best interest of Inverclyde. Could you imagine if all the decisions about our local schools, roads, houses and how we spent our budget etc where made by councillors in Aberdeen or Dumfries ( same goes for people living there vice versa) ? So why should decisions that effect Scotland as a whole be made over 500 miles away in London by people whom many of them have never even been to Scotland?
Vote Yes for DEMOCRACY