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A thank you to SNP members 

Thank you to all of you who voted for me and thank you to all of you that voted for Julie and Keith also. My congratulations to Keith on his election. 
This has been an exemplary election process and we members of the SNP should be extremely proud about the positive and respectful way we conduct our internal debates. 
Unfortunately for me now was not the time, but I am pleased that I was able to give SNP members the opportunity to debate the positive case for why Scotland should be an independent country. 
The case for independence has never been stronger and the argument to stay part of this so called union of equals has never been weaker. 
We are the party that wants the people of Scotland to achieve our full potential. A potential that we can only achieve as an independent country. 
Our independence that has for so long been in our sight is now within our grasp.


Our democracy is precious,

Our parliament is sovereign,

Our right to self determination will be denied by no one.


There will be a referendum on Scottish independence.


Labour block SNP move to pay apprentices a living wage.

Inverclyde SNP’s local council group leader has today spoke of his hurt and disappointment as Labour blocked a move to pay apprentices working for the council a “living wage”.

Councillors were debating a motion to continue paying council staff the living wage by increasing the rate to that which was recently announced by the living wage foundation.

Commenting the Local SNP Group Leader said:

” as a time served apprentice and the former convener of Unite the Union young members in Scotland the rights of apprentices have always been close to my heart. Therefore today I decided that it was time to end this pay inequality in the council. Apprentices are paid as low as ¬£2.73 in the council. That is simply Unnaceptable. When I put forward the proposal that the living wage should be paid to all council employees including apprentices I assumed it would receive cross party support. I was therefore hurt and disappointed that the local Labour Party sided with the Tories and the Lib Dems in the council to block our apprentices getting a living wage. Young people in Inverclyde deserve more, they don’t deserve a continued refusal to pay them a living wage based on their age.

The referendum is over but it seems that Labour are still happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Tories to oppose anything proposed by the SNP – even if it is enhanced terms and conditions for young workers in Inverclyde.”

Confirmation of seeking Nomination

Westminster Election – Confirmation of intention to seek Nomination

The process for selecting who will be The SNP candidate for the 2015 Westminster election has now started. Over the last month I have been contacted by many people asking if I will seek nomination to be the SNP candidate.

Growing up I never thought of myself as one day being a politician. It was after following in my dads footsteps serving my apprenticeship that as a young trade unionist I was inspired to become a councillor to help make a difference in my local community.

Since the referendum I now believe that to truly make that difference Inverclyde must elect an SNP MP. An
MP that can on your behalf demand the powers that Scotland was promised so that we can use them to improve our local communities whilst continuing to progress Scotland forward.

This is a job I will be honoured to do on behalf of you and therefore:

I will be seeking nomination to be the SNP candidate to be elected your MP for Inverclyde.

Indy Ref – 100 words – DEMOCRACY

Indy Ref: over the last weeks lots of people have said to me ” they want to vote yes but need to know why they should” so I’ve decided to give you one word a day from now until September 18th. Each with an explaination. 100 words 100 reasons to vote #yes #100reasonsforyes


I believe that the closer decisions are made to where they impact upon the most the better that decision is. It is fundamentally better for Scotland if all decisions for our country are made by the people that care most about Scotland. That is the people that live and work in Scotland.

This principle can perhaps be better understood if we think locally. Most of you will live in Inverclyde. We elect local councillors to form an administration. All of them live in Inverclyde. Therefore each and everyone of them make every decision with only 1 thing at heart, the best interest of Inverclyde. Could you imagine if all the decisions about our local schools, roads, houses and how we spent our budget etc where made by councillors in Aberdeen or Dumfries ( same goes for people living there vice versa) ? So why should decisions that effect Scotland as a whole be made over 500 miles away in London by people whom many of them have never even been to Scotland?
Vote Yes for DEMOCRACY