Tail Docking #keeptheban 

SNP members – Lets keep tail docking illegal in Scotland

I have submitted the below motion for consideration at next weeks SNP policy conference. For the motion to be successful the parties SOAC (Standing Orders and Agenda Committee) must agree to include it in a “members choice ballot”. At that point it will be upto SNP members to vote on whether it should be debated as the members choice topical motion.

When the Scottish Government first introduced a ban on Tail Docking in 2007 it was hailed as being one of the most progressive moves in terms of supporting animal welfare in the UK.
One of the benefits of a policy conference is that it gives ordinary members of the party the opportunity to set the political direction of our party. It is for elected representatives to then follow that direction. It is clear to me that many SNP members, supporters and indeed people across the country do not agree that tail docking should be introduced.
This is a topical issue and I think that we should give party members the opportunity to voice their opinion and as a party we should have an informed debate that lets us set our view on it. I would therefore hope that this is an issue those determining the agenda for next week’s conference agree merits debate.
If you support this motion I would urge you to contact members of the SOAC committee asking them to support it.
I would also like to thank the grassroots members of other party across Scotland for supporting this motion:
•Topical Resolution – Tail Docking•
Conference notes the decision of the Scottish Parliament to approve ‘The Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (Exemptions) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2017’ .

This decision, which subsequently has been announced will be implemented in 2018, will permit tail docking of Spaniel and Hunt Retriever puppies.
Conference recognises that the Animal Health and Welfare Act -which was introduced by the Scottish Government in 2007 – was hailed as being a progressive measure that led the way across the UK in supporting animal welfare.
Conference does not support the decision to permit tail docking of working Spaniels and Hunt Point Retrievers.
Conference calls on the Scottish Government to review this decision and maintain the ban on tail docking in Scotland.
Cllr Christopher McEleny – NEC Elected Member
Supported by:
Christine Grahame MSP

Edinburgh Council SNP Group

Inverclyde Council SNP Group

Arbroath & District Branch

Ballochmyle Branch

Craigentinny/Duddingston Branch

Loudoun Branch

Portobello/Craigmillar Branch

Rosyth Branch

Stonehaven and Mearns Branch


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