SNP offer to Labour: A coalition for Inverclyde 

SNP Labour Coalition: Inverclyde offer 
” Last night on behalf of the Inverclyde SNP Group I made a formal offer to the Labour Party to enter into coalition in Inverclyde. 
The results of the election mean that nobody has overall control and neither Labour or the SNP have a sizeable minority either on the Council.
The council’s 4 independent councillors have been clear and principled that they wish to remain independent, we respect that they believe that was the mandate they were elected on.
A Labour minority of 8 out of 22 councillors or indeed an SNP minority of 7 out of 22 councillors would not create a stable administration to provide the political leadership our area needs. 
Therefore after positive discussions with the Local Labour group I have taken up their invite to make a formal proposal to them to form a coalition. I hope the Labour Party take the opportunity to work in partnership with us to improve Inverclyde and stop the Tories getting control of Inverclyde’s council services. ” 
• The coalition offer would result in Labour taking up the position of the areas provost and the SNP replacing the Tories as Depute Provost with an SNP councillor being appointed to the role. 
• A potential coalition would also see a new co-leader being appointed with Cllr Stephen McCabe and Cllr Chris McEleny stepping down from leadership positions to allow a new gender balanced leadership team. It is believed this could allow both groups to progress past any political impasse. 
• The above key appointments would be made at Thursday’s Full council meeting as well as statutory positions, with appointments to committees deferred to a future date whilst both sides formalise an agreement.


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