Statement on forming and administration for Inverclyde 

Ambitious for Inverclyde – Statement on seeking to form an administration for Inverclyde 
Tonight I have written to Independent councillors and the local Labour Party inviting them to work in partnership to form a new administration for Inverclyde. 
The SNP group are alarmed that the Tories are on the verge of coming to power in Inverclyde as part of a deal to prop up the Labour Party. 
This cannot be allowed, the Tories are the party of the bedroom tax, the rape clause, they’re the party that impose the austerity that we spend every day in the council mitigating against. 
The Labour Party must not do a deal with the Tories to retain control of the council. 
We recognise that no party has a mandate to rule the council by themselves. Most of the electorate voted SNP, the Labour Party gained one more seat than the SNP and independent candidates received support across Inverclyde. 
Inverclyde rejected the Tories overwhelmingly. 
It’s time for change, not just change in political makeup but change in the culture of local politics. 
We will work with Labour Councillors and independent councillors to get the best deal for the people of Inverclyde and stop the Tories getting any influence over our council services. This partnership will be based on 2 key principles: 
• agreeing a program of government for the next five years and; 
• appointing to key leadership positions people based on who is best for the job and not based on what political party they belong to.
I look forward to their responses. 


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