Chris McEleny – Why I think I should be the next Depute Leader of the SNP

Please allow me to introduce myself to you and explain why I think I’m the right person to be the next Depute leader of the SNP and advance the cause of Scottish independence. 

In our party of over 100,000 members we are certainly not short of talent. From Holyrood to Westminster our parliamentarians are proving they are stronger for Scotland. From councillors in council chambers to activists on the streets we are standing up for communities across Scotland.
We should celebrate this breadth of talent: harness it and use it for the betterment of our party and our country.
Some believed that there should be no contest in our appointment of a new Depute Leader, but I believe that we do ourselves, the SNP and Scotland a great disservice if we make an appointment without that person earning a single vote.
For that reason, I am standing for the position.
I may not come from the usual background, and I certainly don’t underestimate the enormity of the task in standing against seasoned and highly respected political heavyweights.
However, as a local councillor, a committed trade unionist and a young Scot I look forward to putting my values at the heart of my campaign for Depute Leader.
I believe in Strong Local Government. Local councils are at the frontier of delivering the SNP policies that make a difference to people’s lives each day. It has been an honour leading the SNP at a council level. As a Councillor I am in a unique position to build a better relationship between the grassroots of our party and the various strands of local and national government. 
Since the referendum our party has increased at an amazing level. We are the party of Scotland. This is the right time to look at our stance on policies that we have had since before our massive growth to make sure we truly represent the hopes and aspirations of our members. 
I am a socialist. I believe in an independent Scottish republic. If elected as Depute Leader I would use this mandate to further establish the SNP as a left wing party in Scotland. 
A contest in which our members can choose who the best person is to work alongside Nicola Sturgeon can only be a good thing, re-galvanising the party and building upon the Yes movement to work towards a better Scotland.


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