Inverclyde Council CEO post – The story behind the story 

Inverclyde CEO Appointment 
There has been a lot of press about this appointment, or lack of appointment. The two candidates are now public knowledge so I have no hesitation in saying that they were both first class candidates. Each of them would’ve brought different strengths to the role as CEO of Inverclyde Council, each of them would’ve been a good appointment and would have been a first class CEO for Inverclyde.
Of course I have stated that perhaps our own rules need looked at as due to council policy we have left ourselves in the position of not having a CEO in place to replace the outgoing CEO despite both candidates being more than capable of carrying out the role. 
However to me it is the story behind the story that is perhaps more important here. The day before both candidates were interviewed it was reported in the national and local press who they were. One of the candidates reported in a less than positive manner. 
For me there was only one reason this happened, to discredit a candidate to the benefit of another. However I think many of my councillor colleagues saw through this and instead made a decision on the day based on the merits of the candidates.
Of course The Council failed to appoint a candidate. National and local press has now published what they believe were the secret ballot results. Only 3 people were in the room who weren’t councillors and I hold their integrity at the highest possible level. 
So again why did the results come out? Results showing who voted for an internal candidate – reported as every Labour Councillor – and who voted for the external candidate. 
I think it is clear what has happened here. It has been put to me by many independent bystanders looking in from outside the council that it looks very much like the Inverclyde Labour group have first of all attempted to discredit one candidate in favour of the other and then made the results public to keep favour with the unsuccessful candidate with complete disrespect to both candidates in terms of their entitlement to go through an interview process with the privacy every applicant for a job deserves. I truly hope this is not the case as if it is then it is a sad day for local democracy. However I have asked the council’s monitoring officer to investigate this and take the action he must take.


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