Inverclyde Schools safety first 

Please find below statement on safety of schools in Inverclyde: 
Commenting on news that 17 schools in Edinburgh built under public private partnership are to close indefinitely SNP Leader in Inverclyde Cllr Christopher McEleny has called for immediate assurances regarding the safety of schools in Inverclyde. 
Commenting the SNP Council group leader said: 
” it has been announced that 17 schools in Edinburgh are to be closed indefinitely as the builder has been unable to give assurances that buildings built under the Public Private Partnership 1 (PPP1) were safe.
” I have requested that the relevant council officials confirm to me that schools in Inverclyde are safe and that the issues found in Edinburgh with schools built under similar funding schemes are not apparent here. 
” In Inverclyde we will be paying a mortgage for decades on our new schools estate due to the private sector funding models that were used. 
” it is absolutely paramount that we get guarantees that the issues that mean similarly built Edinburgh schools can’t be deemed safe don’t exist in Inverclyde. The schools are off for another week and it is very important that the parent community get this guarantee before the return in a weeks time. ”



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