Inverclyde to receive over £4M extra funding from Scottish Government

Inverclyde to receive over £4M extra funding from Scottish Government
The Leader of the SNP Council Group in Inverclyde has today welcomed news that Inverclyde Council is to receive an additional £4.45M on top of its budget that was previously announced by the Scottish Government at the end of last year. 
The extra money which will help provide support for growth in Social Care Spend as well as supporting the paying of the living wage and other cost pressures was welcomed by SNP Leader Cllr Chris McEleny. 
Commenting the SNP man said: 
” Over the past couple of months we have read and heard a lot about Inverclyde’s budget. Locally the SNP have decided to wait until we got clarity on the whole offer from the Scottish Government. Whereas others have protested before even knowing what the final settlement looked like we have continued to engage and talk at a national level.
” We have a Tory Government in London passing on draconian cuts to the Scottish Government. Labour’s answer to this locally has been to talk about raising hard working families taxes to pay for Tory cuts. Paying more tax to get better public services is a noble arguement. What happens next year when the Tory’s cut our budget again? Will Labour increase taxes every year to pay for Tory austerity imposed on Scotland?
” We have a government in Scotland who are prioritising spending on vital services that people in Inverclyde depend on. There is no doubt that these are challenging times. However with over £4M extra coming to Inverclyde to help drive up the wages of some of the lowest paid workers in the area we must welcome this.” 


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