Happy New Year

As new year approaches many will reflect on 2015. 
Many would think that the highlight of the year was electing 56 SNP MPs to fight Scotland’s corner. Sadly though we ended up with a Tory Government despite the majority of us not voting for one. 
The previous year we warned of what continued Westminster governance would bring – more austerity, more attacks on workers rights, more cuts. However from the darkness Inverclyde was responsible for my highlight of the year. In the face of Europe’s greatest humanitarian crisis in decades we stood up against the political opposition and were among the first areas in Britain to give a new home to refugees from the war torn Syrian conflict. 
Next year again we will be faced with unprecedented challenges to our public services in Inverclyde. We must remember that our public services exist so that everyone in society can benefit from them regardless of wealth. We must be prepared to fight to ensure they are protected for the people that need them now and for the generations to come. Some will argue that services must go however our collective strength will prevail.
2015 was also a year that as individuals we will have had many personal triumphs, disappointments, moments of joy and times of sadness. 
Many of these events we can have no control over. 
However as you consider what your annual New Years resolutions will be remember the things in your life you do have influence over: 
Forgiveness and reconciliation. For there can be no better resolution than to offer these to those in our lives that need them. 
I wish you a happy new year. 
Cllr Christopher McEleny 

Leader of The SNP

Inverclyde Council


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