Refugee Crisis – Inverclyde should offer support 

A letter to the Leader of Inverclyde Council 

You will be aware of the current refugee crisis in Europe. This is in my opinion the biggest crisis Europe has faced in a generation and we cannot just sit by and watch the horrific scenes unfold if we have the power to do good no matter what scale that is on. 

You may also be aware of the announcement at First Minister’s Questions that Nicola Sturgeon will tomorrow (Friday) host a round table with organisations including the Scottish Refugee Council to discuss what further action the Scottish Government can take to support those refugees seeking safety in Europe.

You no doubt as I have, will have been contacted by many concerned constituents who desire that we as a council do whatever is within our means of possibility to support those in need. I believe that as a council that as Leader of our Council should contact the Scottish Government to inform them that we are happy to assist if there are any opportunities for us to do so. Of course we could bring a motion to the council – which would take weeks – and debate the situation. However I feel that anyone who can help, regardless of how much, irrelevant of how far away we are, must do so now. 

Once contact has been made with the Scottish Government they will hopefully be in a position to coordinate any support people in Inverclyde wish to make and any assistance we as a council can give. We simply cannot let this situation continue. 

I look forward to your response. 

Yours Sincerely 

Cllr Christopher McEleny 

SNP Group Leader 

Inverclyde Council 



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