What happened to the Scottish Labour Party?

Right some people still don’t know if they should vote Labour or SNP. Growing up all your life in an area that has Labour movement values to its heart it is hard to accept that the party you grew up voting for or the party your parents voted for might just not be the party for you anymore. 

Put it this way, I’ve got Labour members arguing with me on Twitter that we shouldn’t have free school meals for kids or free universal healthcare. 

Everyone remembers the stigma of those in school that had to stand in a queue and wait for their free meal ticket because they were poor. Free school meals for children is the greatest policy in eradicating the stigma of poverty we’ve seen in years. What happened to the Labour Party that they became a party that wants working mums to struggle to pay their kids lunch just because they’re a pound above the fresh hold? A party that thinks you should pay for ill health. 

It’s bereft of intelligent thought. Every pound you struggle to pay for these vital services if you had to is a pound out your local shop.

Seriously is this a party you think represents you still? Choose your vote smartly in May.


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