100 days 100 reasons to vote SNP – 1: Yes we can

100 days 100 reasons to vote SNP

Day 1 – Yes we can

During the last 100 days of the referendum campaign I gave one reason every day for 100 days on why I was voting Yes and why I thought that was best for Scotland.

Today (Tuesday) marks 100 days until the UK general election.

On the 18th of September we lost the referendum. Those of us on the left that voted Yes voted that way to create a better, fairer Scotland for all. When I went to the polling station on the 18th I truly believed that with independence we could’ve created a country based on the sort of socialist values I’m proud of. A country built on Labour movement values, values the Labour Party abandoned.

When I woke up on the 19th of September I still believed in that fairer country. One key arguement of the Yes campaign was never challenged, it can’t be challenged.

– Decisions about Scotland are better decisions when they are made by the people that care most about the people those decisions effect. The people that live and work in Scotland will always make better decisions about what is best for Scotland’s future.

2015 can be the year in which we all ensure that Scotland’s voice is still heard. If a strong team of SNP MPs is returned at the forthcoming General Election we can ensure that Scotland gets the best deal possible, the powers that were promised are delivered and the dream that is independence stays alive.

In May we have the chance to send the Westminster establishment a message that we still believe in a fairer Scotland and demand the powers we were promised.

A fairer Scotland is still possible. However for as long as Westminster retains the power to impose the hated poll tax on us, impose the bedroom tax on us and holds on to the levers that stop us creating jobs to tackle poverty then that fairer country is still a far distance away.

However it’s not just people that voted Yes that want a fairer country, there were many people who voted no that share that same worldview of a fairer society based on the values the majority of us hold dear. The Labour Party have abandoned them. Scotland was promised the powers to end the bedroom tax, tackle poverty and create the type of country based on socially just values we believe in.

Whether you voted Yes or NO the only party that will deliver the powers required to create that country is the SNP.

Can we still create a fairer Scotland?

Yes we can.


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