Inverclyde SNP Leader will donate salary to charity

Inverclyde SNP Leader will donate salary to charity

The Leader of the SNP at Inverclyde Council has today confirmed that if elected the areas MP he will donate the salary he receives as a councillor to local charities and voluntary organisations.

As reported previously Cllr Christopher McEleny has stated he will be seeking the backing of party members to stand as the SNP candidate in the May Westminster election. If elected the local SNP Leader would be both a councillor and an MP. Commenting Cllr McEleny said:

” since I declared that – after being asked by 100s of people locally – my intention to stand as the areas MP I have been asked by several people what my intentions would be regarding still being paid as a councillor. It is a legitimate question and one that does not require much thought on my part. If given the honour of receiving a dual mandate by the people that live in Inverclyde as being both their MP and a member of Inverclyde Council I would immediately donate the salary I receive as a councillor to local charitable causes and voluntary organisations in the area. It would be wrong to take both salaries and the money would certainly help I am sure the magnificent work we see carried out in Inverclyde by our charities and volunteers on a daily basis. This arrangement would remain in place permanently until I have discussed with my constituents and fellow councillors what course of action would be best in terms of timing for the council and area as a whole.”


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