Inverclyde deserves better – an open letter to Inverclyde CLP

To whom it may concern:

The reason I first stepped into the world of politics was because I wanted my community to improve. Representing our constituents, improving our communities by utilising the resources we have and helping build a better Inverclyde – I hope these are common values that we share and I firmly believe it is what the people of Inverclyde expect.

Of course there will be differences on policy, disagreement on political beliefs and debates on which circumstances best allow Inverclyde to prosper. However it is everyone’s duty to engage with the people who put us into the positions we are in -that is the people that live and work in Inverclyde.

Recently though the personal attacks on me have resulted in many people telling me that this is exactly the sort of behaviour that disengages them. Of course when people on the fringe make verbal attacks behind the anonymity of online alias’ this is something we must simply condem. However the most recent attack on me has been in the form of personal abuse aimed directly at me by the Executive of the Inverclyde Constituency Labour Party.

In an area which has a shameful under-representation of young people and women etc, I fear this behaviour from a senior Labour level in Inverclyde only makes the task more difficult.

This sort of personality politics only serves to undermine our local democracy in Inverclyde. I of course have broad enough shoulders to not let these things bother me too much. However I fear that this promotion of hatred towards the SNP from such a senior Labour Level sets the worst possible example to the 1000s of people across the area that are now energised by the political process.

Of course your internal disciplinary procedures that will handle this recent case are your business but I’m sure I speak for many when I say it’s time for the gutter personality politics to stop. Inverclyde deserves better.

Yours Truly,

Cllr Christopher McEleny
SNP Leader
Inverclyde Council Group


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