Labour block SNP move to pay apprentices a living wage.

Inverclyde SNP’s local council group leader has today spoke of his hurt and disappointment as Labour blocked a move to pay apprentices working for the council a “living wage”.

Councillors were debating a motion to continue paying council staff the living wage by increasing the rate to that which was recently announced by the living wage foundation.

Commenting the Local SNP Group Leader said:

” as a time served apprentice and the former convener of Unite the Union young members in Scotland the rights of apprentices have always been close to my heart. Therefore today I decided that it was time to end this pay inequality in the council. Apprentices are paid as low as £2.73 in the council. That is simply Unnaceptable. When I put forward the proposal that the living wage should be paid to all council employees including apprentices I assumed it would receive cross party support. I was therefore hurt and disappointed that the local Labour Party sided with the Tories and the Lib Dems in the council to block our apprentices getting a living wage. Young people in Inverclyde deserve more, they don’t deserve a continued refusal to pay them a living wage based on their age.

The referendum is over but it seems that Labour are still happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Tories to oppose anything proposed by the SNP – even if it is enhanced terms and conditions for young workers in Inverclyde.”


12 thoughts on “Labour block SNP move to pay apprentices a living wage.

  1. hektorsmum

    You can see why the Trade Union section in the SNP is now larger than the entire Scottish Branch of Labour. Absolutely disgusting, not one of them would get out of bed in the morning for the disgusting money they are paying these kids.

  2. d.j.birrell

    The labour party are shameless hypocrites! They demand the SG pay the living wage to all workers, when in fact it is a reserved matter.

  3. Weegiewarbler

    Mair faces than the toon clock. How could anyone EVER trust them to look after the rights of the working people?

  4. gazza w

    Beggars belief but what do you expect from a party who are in free fall and grasping at anything on the way down, even a tory and lib shirtail, I don’t see them voting to reduce their wage/expenses either. Hypocritical oxygen thieves

  5. Andy Hewitt

    Simply unbelievable. The people that they are hurting are the future of the country. I’m sure that they won’t forget in a hurry. What a shambles they are.

  6. Gordon Bickerton

    Can anybody provide a link to a Labour Party statement stating why they did this. Is it just pure spite against the SNP

  7. Colin Newlands

    To me this shows, if we did not know it before, that the Labour Party has long since ceased to be the party of the working people. Lets sweep them away and establish a new political voice for ordinary people not just in Scotland but in UK.

  8. Harmony Flower

    I am not 100% sure on the ins and outs as the min wage is lower for under 21 so what is living wage rate for the same age group? it does seem wrong that apprentices are paid lower but they gain a trade if they get the chance to complete it, this they can take to any Job and our council paid for that, and our council just like holyrood gets a block grant and can’t raise through council tax to pay and all I hear is pay your staff more, these are council workers! you need to balance the books or things like gardening goes but are they balancing the books right? that is more to the point could they out the budget cover the increase and keep the same number? I would have to know more about the finances of inverclyde before I judge this as wrong, In my name is fine but the SNP can’t run a muck on people fears just like any political party, sure I will vote always for the independence of scotland and support that cause, doesn’t mean it isn’t right to overly trust the SNP on everything

  9. Morag Clark

    It’s all right to spend thousands on bottled water and quarter of a million on a regatta but give teenagers a decent wage is a no go, Wonder how much do councilors earn!

  10. harvey

    was an apprentice my self if it was not for my family I would have BEEN SKINT ,so why not pay a living wage or can the cooncillers no claim expenses and pay for a wee bit mare fir them ??

  11. Gary

    Is this the same living wage for apprentices that SNP councillors in North Ayshire would not allow to be debated in 2012. Has SNP always being a party of the working class or is it becoming one. Hopefully the latter.

  12. munro ross

    Highland Council which is SNP led in coalition with the LibDems and Labour pay all apprenticed the living wage as a supplement.


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