Inverclyde Parking Update

Parking update:

After strong representation by Inverclyde SNP the council agreed the following today supported by your SNP council group:

– All time restrictions in Greenock on street parking will be increased to 2 hours.

– restrictions will now finish at 6pm on a Friday and will not include Saturday.

– report to come back regarding other areas such as Gourock and Port Glasgow setting out any issues there that need resolved.

– Importantly, Inverclyde SNP have consistently supported the principal that nobody should be financially penalised for parking outside their home. To that end after a heated debate with the local Labour Party consensus was eventually reached supporting this SNP principal and officers will bring back a report setting out how this will be made practical.

Thanks for the 100s of representations. The scheme will continue to frustrate people and it will continue to cause issues for those living in the outskirts. To this end I’ve made it clear that we can’t neglect our 1000s of council workers and we should work with them to promote use of parking areas.

As time goes on and people continue to highlight issues with the scheme my SNP colleagues and I will continue to represent your issues.

Edit to add: oddly Labour made several references today that ” they’d had barely any representations about parking …only 1 person has contacted me etc”. Think this shows just how out of touch they now are with the real issues on the ground to people in Inverclyde.


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