Confirmation of seeking Nomination

Westminster Election – Confirmation of intention to seek Nomination

The process for selecting who will be The SNP candidate for the 2015 Westminster election has now started. Over the last month I have been contacted by many people asking if I will seek nomination to be the SNP candidate.

Growing up I never thought of myself as one day being a politician. It was after following in my dads footsteps serving my apprenticeship that as a young trade unionist I was inspired to become a councillor to help make a difference in my local community.

Since the referendum I now believe that to truly make that difference Inverclyde must elect an SNP MP. An
MP that can on your behalf demand the powers that Scotland was promised so that we can use them to improve our local communities whilst continuing to progress Scotland forward.

This is a job I will be honoured to do on behalf of you and therefore:

I will be seeking nomination to be the SNP candidate to be elected your MP for Inverclyde.


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