The Pride of Inverclyde – A message for Labour voters

About to leave the battery park. Just witnessed the largest spontaneous gathering in Inverclydes history. An estimated 2000 people gathered shining lights into the darkness. As good a metaphor as there ever will be in this referendum of ours. Ordinary people, every walk of life, tonight saw
the positive message of hope transform itself into this magnificent symbol of democracy. It reminded me of Obama’s historic election. Everyone there had an overwhelming sense of hope, a desire for change, the want of a better, fairer Scotland for all. I said to a young couple I know who were there with their boy in his buggy ” you know your standing in the making of history” the response ” we know”. The thousands that gathered tonight at Greenock feel that change is coming, Scotland is moving forward. We gathered on the banks of the Clyde, the river that the Great Jimmy Reid United the Scottish working class, the greatest trade unionist we ever knew and a strong advocate of Independence. How ironic then that Greenock once home to a proud shipbuilding workforce, has its MSP and former convener of the great yards standing on the wrong side of history.

This is a message directly to Duncan McNeil – Duncan you are standing on the wrong side of history. The people of Greenock and Inverclyde, the people you once represented are calling on you to stand beside them and build a better Scotland. It’s not too late you can still earn back their respect and stand shoulder to shoulder with the working families in Inverclyde instead of the Tories. Labour have already lost their only female councillor as she was saddened to see her party side with the Tories and the far right. Each day 100s of Labour voters are making the choice to vote yes. They are joined by People who’ve never voted, people who know this isn’t about party politics it’s about us, creating the country we want.

1 day to go. Be brave Inverclyde, let’s rid the power from the people that want to tax our bedrooms, take us to war , force us into having foodbanks and impose decisions on us that known of us want.

We can make sure that the best people make the choices about our future, the people that care most – that is the people that live and work here.

Well done tonight’s organisers you did your town proud.

I’m voting yes.


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