Positive message is winning

Day 98 – The positive message is winning

As we enter the last view days the positivity flowing from the yes Inverclyde shop is impossible to explain. People from across Inverclyde are coming and going everyday playing their part to create a better Scotland. On Friday night we had two women in their early 20s come in asking if we had leaflets they could give out on their Friday night. I spent that night canvassing with a couple in their 70s canvassing voters- the first time they’d ever did something like that.

Today as I popped in the shop there were pensioners sitting chatting to other pensioners that had came in telling them how a yes vote best protects their pension and can create a better life for Scotland’s future – their grandchildren.

A mother had just came in after the school run to pick up leaflets to deliver during the day.

A team of guys were out fitting PA systems to cars, some of them unemployed and working relentlessly to help build a better scotland with the job powers gained by a yes vote to create much needed jobs to Inverclyde.

I had just returned from a meeting with a representative of Clyde Blowers who had told me that 30 of the staff are back in the yard working. The rest to return by November with the possibility of the workforce getting upto 300 in the years to come. The Scottish Government and finance secretary John Swinney has been magnificent in steering the group to a position of last month where we faced our last shipyard being no more to today where we stand upon the brink of REINDUSTRIALISING Inverclyde to a level we’ve not seen in my lifetime. The news that the Scottish Government are working for Inverclyde only fired more positivity into the diverse group of volunteers as they set back off to carry out more duties.

We vote to decide to take the future of Inverclyde and Scotland into our own hands. We are part of the greatest grass roots campaign of ordinary people Scotland and most of Europe have ever known. The eyes of the world are upon us. Journalists from around the world from many similar independent countries have come to watch these last 4 days. Will Scotland vote yes to join that family of world nations.

We are building something special. Something to be proud of. 10am tomorrow. The team of volunteers meet at the Yes shop in Inverclyde. You can be part of building a fairer Scotland, just come down and help us with any task you feel comfortable doing.

Yours for Scotland



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