Day 58 – Currency

It seems the entire arguement for a no vote has now boiled down to 2 things. 1 is currency the other is Alex Salmond.

Well firstly a yes vote is a vote to ensure the decisions that effect Scotland are made in Scotland by the people that care about Scotland the most – that is the people that live and work in Scotland. It is not a vote for Alex Salmond. However don’t get me wrong I will personally still be supporting him after a yes vote, but you don’t have to.

Secondly the no campaign are now basing their entire arguement on what currency we will have. Gone are all their other arguements. No more chat on the EU because we no we will still be in the EU. No more scaremongering on pensions as even the UK minister for pensions has rubbished these. The point Alex Salmond was trying to get over last night is the entire campaign to vote no has been about making you too scared to vote yes. We’re too wee, we’re too poor, we can’t do it etc etc etc.

The position on currency is clear. Sharing the pound is in the best interest of Scotland and it is in the best interest of the rest of the UK. Why is it in the best interest of the rest of the UK? We are a massive export market to England, not sharing a currency would cost English jobs, that is a fact. So why then would members of the no campaign tell us we can’t use the pound that has been equally ours in this supposed equal union for 300 years? One reason, to frighten you into voting no.

I have absolutely no doubt that in the event of a yes vote we will continue to use the pound. However the no campaign will continue to say we can’t share it right up until we vote yes. They will continue to say what is plan B to try reduce the credibility of an independent Scotland. Again the fact is there is a plan B, a plan C, a plan D and E. These options have been set out but the Scottish Government believes absolutely that it will share the pound.

If the no campaign want to maintain they will bully us out of using our pound though we shouldn’t fear this. There are 180 currencies in the world, if Scotland had to have its own currency it would be based on a country that is the 14th richest in the world.

We cannot be stopped using the pound even without official permission Scotland could still use it, 8 other countries currently use it without monetary union and looking at the US dollar 17 countries use it unofficially including affluent Bermuda a UK dependency!

Ask yourself this what would the value of the pound be if it lost 10% of the population of the UK and ¬£1trillion of North Sea oil assets protecting it’s strength and security. It would be political suicide for any UK chancellor to not share our pound with us. We will use the pound if we vote yes, it will be part of the negotiating process. However if the same people who now tell us we are better together and how much we are their friends then want to bully us into not sharing the pound, we should not be afraid.

The fact is whatever Scotland’s money is, it will be Scotland’s money to spend on the priorities of the Scottish people: free nhs, free education for all and not waste billions on illegal wars and Westminster vanity projects.

Take your future into your own hands, vote yes.


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