Indyref – 100 words – Economy

‪#‎100days‬ ‪#‎100words‬ ‪#‎day2‬


In Scotland we more than pay our own way. One of the most frequently asked questions you will have heard is ” how will we afford it ?”. According to Government figures in 2012 Scots paid £56.9bn in tax. That works out at £10,700 per person. However the UK as a whole people paid only £9000 per head in tax. In fact in the last 30 years the average tax receipt per person in Scotland has been higher than the rest of the UK.

Therefore clearly financially we can afford to be independent as we absolutely generate enough taxation in Scotland to sustain a country of our size. The question is do you want to vote ‪#‎yes‬ so that the money we generate in tax is spent on what those who live and work here want it spent on? Or vote no to continue giving our money to Westminster and let them decide what we want it spent on?


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